Trading & Logistics

Ambrian is active in originating and supplying a range of industrial metals and minerals to end users worldwide

Copper cathodes on a truck
Copper cathodes

What we do

Supported by offices in London, Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore complemented by a network of agents in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, we provide producers and consumers with marketing insight whilst emphasizing the financing and risk management aspect of our trading and logistics' activities.

Our trading and logistic business adds value at every stage of the supply chain. We plan logistics to streamline and simplify transportation and deliver on time commodities in the most cost efficient manner from remote locations to wherever they are needed.

Physical commodity sourcing and distribution requires the highest standards in the handling, storage and shipment of goods from supplier to customer. Our operations teams handle the trade execution and physical movement of the products we trade and account for a large proportion of the headcount of this business. Constantly delivering leading-edge services contribute to building the long term relationships we enjoy with our suppliers and customers.

Arbitrage and managing risks

The markets we operate in are fragmented and as a result, discrepancies can occur between prices at which commodities are bought or sold in different geographic locations or time periods. Other factors affecting price levels include freight and product specifications. Discrepancies provide arbitrage opportunities based on our ability to source, transport, store or otherwise process the relevant commodities. While these strategies vary from product to product, the main opportunities can generally be described as geographic, product and/or time arbitrage opportunities.

Although our business model is underpinned by long term relationships, we mitigate credit and performance risk with our suppliers and customers by systematically applying measures such as credit insurance, letters of credit or bank guarantees.


Ambrian will grow its trading activities, broaden its product range and extend its geographical reach by continuing to target market share increases and expansion in the geographies in which we currently operate whilst expanding into new markets. This strategy will allow us to supply an increasingly diversified range of physical commodities to our existing customer base and provide opportunities to continue developing new producer and consumer relationships and selectively target new business opportunities.